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It is about more than funding. It’s about a new way of working.

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More opportunities in less time

Grantway gives you time back by bringing all funding opportunities together in one convenient location.

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Accurate, up-to-date data

Grantway uses cutting-edge technology to bring you up-to-date and accurate information on every funding opportunity.


Opportunities that match your needs

Old fashioned keyword searches don’t always work. Describe what you’re after in the search field and Grantway will find the most relevant funding opportunities.


Access to a world of opportunities

In a global world, Grantway gives you access to funding opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. Our platform spans the whole world.


Scholarships & Fellowships

Funding to further your academic career

Funding for every degree level

Grantway has scholarships and fellowships for all degree levels - from high school diplomas to post doctorates.

All fields of study covered

In Grantway, scholarships and fellowships are connected to each applicable field of study. This makes it easier to narrow down your search without missing out on relevant opportunities.


Funding that matches who you are and what you do

Who can apply?

Grantway has grants for different types of organisation and private individuals. R&D institutes, higher education organisations, businesses, charities, NGOs, the public sector and others can all find grant opportunities with Grantway.

Types of grants available

Grants are connected to one or more Grantway category. Categories include climate, R&D, innovation, health, justice, community development, energy, transport, education … and much more.

Grantway offers an easier way to find funding

Features to help you succeed


Save your searches

Every search you make can be saved – so you don’t

have to remember what you

did or spend time

documenting the details.


Save interesting opportunities

All individual funding opportunities can be saved – giving you easy access to the opportunities that are of most interest to you.


Share with others

You can share search results and individual funding opportunities with others – making it easier to work as a team.


Video meetings in

Grantway make it easier to

meet, discuss and collaborate

Our video meetings are free to use. You can invite as many people as you want, and you can meet for as long as you need.

Making a difference without making you pay

It doesn't make sense to pay to get access to funding opportunities.

Funding opportunities should be freely and openly available, regardless of who you are, where you live and what you can afford.

Grantway is free of charge for everyone 

– no limitations, subscription fees or hidden costs.